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ShowGuns Airsoft Collection - eHobbyAsia Airsoft

Check out our ShowGuns Airsoft collection, where unique models are available!

ShowGuns is well known brand in the Airsoft industry, known for producing and distributing high-quality Airsoft guns and accessories that are extremely unique, often making parts and kits that resemble Guns from pop-culture media like the KPS Pistol from the movie "Kingsman" and the gnarly looking MAC-11 from the movie "Blade". Prioritizing realism, performance, and innovation, they also offer a diverse range of conventional models like the MK22 "Hush Puppy" MOD 0 and wood body kits for the KC-02 rifle by KJ Works. Overall, they are a trusted brand that caters to players of all levels, delivering exceptional Airsoft experiences for players of all levels!

  • Showguns Derringer Model Kit
    Showguns Derringer Model Kit

    Showguns Derringer Model Kit

    Original Price $71.91
    Current Price $65.05


    Showguns Derringer Model KitThe Showguns Derringer Model Kit is an airsoft derringer pistol designed to fire the Showgun / PPS / Tanaka / Madbull M...

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  • Showguns Mac 11 Blade Gas Pistol
    Showguns Mac 11 Blade Gas Pistol
    Sold out

    Showguns Mac 11 Blade Gas Pistol

    Original Price $200.00
    Current Price $192.00

    SKU: SHGGUM-GP-01-0003

    Showguns Mac 11 Blade Gas Pistol 1:1 Ratio realistic Gas Airsoft pistolMade by airsoft custom brand ShowGunsThis Pistol is a movie replica pistol, ...

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