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KJ Works Airsoft Collection

Check out our collection of Airsoft guns, by KJ Works!

KJ Works is a very reputable manufacturer of Airsoft guns and accessories with a company with history in the Airsoft industry, known for their high-quality and realistic products. KJ Work Airsoft offers a wide range of Airsoft gun models, most of which can handle green gas/ Top Gas and Co2 Airsoft Guns simultaneously. Popular KJ Works gun models Include Airsoft 1911/ Airsoft Hi Capa/ Beretta M9 Airsoft/ P226/ G Series/ M&P Shield Airsoft/ CZ75/ CZ P-09/ CZ Shadow 2/ KC02 1022/ Airsoft M4. These Airsoft guns are praised for their attention to detail, reliability, and performance. Whether you're looking for a collectors piece, a skirmishable gun, or in need of a training tool, we here at eHobbyAsia have got you covered with the best that KJ Works has to offer!

  • KJ Works KP-18 GBB (CO2 Ver)
    KJ Works KP-18 GBB (CO2 Ver)
    Sold out
    Original Price $99.98
    Current Price $94.98

    SKU: KP-18-MS-CO2

    This KP-18, the full auto version of the 17, is a worthy replica of the real deal, combining excellent mechanics with the authentic-looking aesthe...

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  • KJ Works M1911A1 (Full Metal)
    KJ Works M1911A1 (Full Metal)
    Original Price $94.98
    Current Price $83.50

    SKU: KJ53

    KJ Works M1911A1 (Full Metal)1:1 Ratio realistic gas blow back airsoft pistol FULL METAL SLIDE & BARREL ASSEMBLY Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi...

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