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Nerf Guns

"It's Nerf or Nothing"

Looking for the best Nerf guns? Discover a wide range of Nerf blasters, from pistols to rifles, perfect for exciting Nerf battles. Most Nerf Guns are a variety of foam-based weaponry, with other Nerf products including balls for sports such as American football, basketball, and baseball. The best-known Nerf toys are dart guns ("blasters") that shoot ammunition made from "Nerf foam" (partially reticulated polyether type polyurethane foam). This type of foam makes it harmless to shoot at friends and is perfect for children or adults. Nerf Gun Includes Nerf Machine Gun, Nerf Guns Sniper (Nerf Sniper Gun), Nerf Gun Pistol, Nerf Gun Shotgun, Nerf Gun Rifle.

  • ZURU X-Shot Micro Dart Blaster
    ZURU X-Shot Micro Dart Blaster
    Original Price $7.98
    Current Price $3.99

    SKU: ZURU-3613

    ZURU X-Shot Micro Dart BlasterSmall Spring Action Nerf PistolDart Compatibility ZURU Darts & ZURU Diameter Darts 

What is Nerf?

Nerf is a popular brand known for its foam-based toys, particularly Nerf guns or blasters. These toys are designed for safe and fun indoor and outdoor play. Nerf blasters use foam darts, discs, or balls as ammunition, allowing children and adults to engage in friendly battles without causing harm or injury. With a wide variety of blasters available, Nerf offers a range of options to suit different play styles and preferences.

Do Nerf Guns Hurt?

Nerf guns are designed to be safe for play and generally do not cause significant pain or injury when used as intended. The foam darts, discs, or balls used as ammunition are lightweight and have soft, rounded tips, minimizing the risk of injury upon impact.