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Plate Carriers

Gear up with our selection of tactical Airsoft plate carriers!

An Airsoft Plate Carrier is an essential piece of tactical gear designed for Airsoft enthusiasts seeking optimal protection, functionally, and customization. These plate carriers are purpose-built for airsoft combat scenarios and have gained immense popularity in the airsoft community. A typical plate carrier Airsoft setup allows players to securely attach armor plates or foam inserts to the front and rear compartments, adding a layer of protection while maintaining mobility. This allows players to take close-range shots without feeling hurt while permitting agile movement. A popular color choice is the black plate carrier Airsoft setup, which not only offers decent protection, but can also enhance your overall look with a sleek and stealthy black design with can work to blend seamlessly in low light scenarios. When comparing an Airsoft chest rig vs. plate carrier, it's important to note that chest rigs are typically much lighter and naturally less bulky when compared to a plate carrier which offer a higher degree of protection which makes them a top pick for those who want to stay in the action for extended periods. Here at eHobbyAsia, we carry a good selection of Airsoft plate carriers for your perusal. Get geared up with us today!

  • WoSport LG3V2 Vest (Coyote Brown)
    WoSport LG3V2 Vest (Coyote Brown)
    Original Price $70.98
    Current Price $60.27

    SKU: VE-82-CB

    WoSport LG3V2 Vest (Coyote Brown)Cordura Fabric Construction Plate CarrierLaser Cut Molle on Front & The StrapsEquipped With Thick Shoulder Pad...

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  • TMC Jump Plate Carrier (AOR1)
    TMC Jump Plate Carrier (AOR1)
    Sold out
    Original Price $77.00
    Current Price $73.15

    SKU: TMC3205-A1

    TMC Jump Plate Carrier (AOR1)500D Condura fabric ConstructionWith Molle on Vest for Attach Pouch/ Any Additional BackpackWith Three Rifle Magazine ...

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  • TMC FPC Plate Carrier (Black)
    TMC FPC Plate Carrier (Black)
    Sold out
    Original Price $90.00
    Current Price $85.50

    SKU: TMC3103-BK

    The TMC Flowing Light Plate Carrier is constructed from tough lightweight 500D Cordura materials for maximum comfort and mobility. The inside featu...

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