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Airsoft Masks

Intimidate your opponents with our selection of badass masks!

An airsoft mask is an essential piece of protective gear designed for airsoft enthusiasts. These some of these masks provide full-face protection, including the eyes, nose, and mouth, safeguarding players from BB pellets and other projectiles used in airsoft games. Available in various styles, including airsoft gas masks and traditional full-face options, they offer both protection and a unique look, stare down your enemies and make them tremble when they see you wear a M50 Airsoft gas mask! Many masks feature ventilation systems to prevent fogging, ensuring clear vision during intense matches. Comfort and durability are key factors, with padded interiors, adjustable straps, and high-impact resistance. When choosing the best airsoft mask, consider your style, comfort, and safety requirements to ensure a great gaming experience with maximum protection, all the while looking cool!

  • Pentagon Apokripsis Balaklava
    Sold out
    Original Price $19.99
    Current Price $18.99

    SKU: PEN-K14025-BK

    The Pentagon Apokripsis Balaclava is a highly versatile headgear that provides exceptional comfort and protection for all your outdoor activiti...

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  • PANTAC RAV Gas Mask Pouch (Coyote Brown)
    PANTAC RAV Gas Mask Pouch (Coyote Brown)
    Original Price $14.49
    Current Price $2.98

    SKU: PH-N703-CB-A

    PANTAC RAV Gas Mask Pouch (Coyote Brown)1000D Nylon ConstructionDesign For Store 1x The Mask or HelmetFor Attach on The Molle System Vest/ Backpack...

  • FMA Wire Mesh "Clown" TB648 Mask
    FMA Wire Mesh "Clown" TB648 Mask
    Original Price $50.00
    Current Price $45.00

    SKU: MK-0113

    FMA Wire Mesh "Clown" TB648 MaskFabric Plastic and metal mash madeSteel Mesh Eyes ProtectorWithstand the hit of high power airsoft rifleFull face p...

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  • Zujizhe DC14 Predator Mask (Blue)
    Zujizhe DC14 Predator Mask (Blue)
    Original Price $20.00
    Current Price $18.40

    SKU: MK-01261

    Zujizhe DC14 Predator Mask (Blue)Fabric Plastic and metal mash made Tactical GearOn the right hand side of the mask, there are 4 LED lights (not in...

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  • WoSport Chastener Mask II
    WoSport Chastener Mask II
    Sold out
    Original Price $14.95
    Current Price $14.20

    SKU: MA-134-BK

    WoSport Chastener Mask IINylon Fiber Construction Airsoft MaskSci-Fi Style MaskImpact-resistant Lenses, and a Sleek, Tactical ContourWith Multiple ...

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