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Tactical Gloves Collection - eHobbyAsia Airsoft

Tactical Gloves: Comfort and Protection!

When it comes to equipping oneself for demanding mil-sim missions and intense skirmishes, tactical gloves are an indispensable component of any gear ensemble. Designed to provide a combination of precision, protection, and comfort, these gloves are favored by professionals and enthusiasts alike. Tactical gloves come in various styles and are equipped with features to meet specific needs, ensuring that wearers can perform their task with precision and comfort. Here at eHobbyAsia, we have an extensive catalog of tactical gloves for you to peruse, with offerings like the Oakley Tactical Gloves series which are renowned for their exceptional quality, Mechanix Tactical Gloves which are engineered to withstand rigorous use as well as provide excellent protection with sacrificing tactile sensitivity, or PIG (Patrol Incident Gear) Tactical Gloves which are well-regarded for their lightweight, low profile fit, making them a favorite among professional operators, we got you covered! Check out the catalog and gear precious hands up today!


  • EA Warrior Gloves (L/ TAN)
    EA Warrior Gloves (L/ TAN)

    EA Warrior Gloves (L/ TAN)

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    SKU: GKT-GL2216-L-TAN

    EA Warrior Gloves (L/ TAN)Elastic cuff provides easy on/off flexibilityDurable and dexterous synthetic leather palmTrekDry material top helps keep ...

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