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Tactical drips, whether for everyday use or for a skirmish, we got you covered!

Tactical fitted caps combine the functionality of tactical gear with the sleek design of fitted caps, offering a practical and stylish headwear option for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, law enforcement professionals, and those who appreciate a tactical aesthetic.

These caps are specifically designed to meet the demands of tactical environments. They feature durable materials such as ripstop fabric, nylon, or polyester, which are known for their resistance to wear and tear. The construction of tactical fitted caps often includes reinforced stitching and ventilation eyelets to enhance durability and provide breathability during intense activities.

  • Emerson Boonie Velcro Hat (MR)
    Original Price $9.86
    Current Price $8.87

    SKU: EM8737

    Emerson Boonie Velcro Hat (MR)35%Cotton 65%Polyester ConstructionVelcro on the top of the hatWith Adjustable strap