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Tracer Units

Light up the enemy with a barrage of glowing BBs!

Airsoft Tracer Units are essential accessories for nighttime, low-light, and CQB Airsoft skirmishes. These compact devices attach to your airsoft gun's muzzle and work with special tracer BBs that emit a bright glow when fired. This enhanced visibility not only adds a stunning visual element to your game but also improves your targeting accuracy in low-light conditions. Tracer units come in various sizes, making them suitable for different airsoft guns. They are user-friendly and some allow you to adjust the tracer effect intensity to your preference, giving you an edge in the dark. Here at eHobbyAsia, we carry a sizable collection, featuring the venerable Acetech line of tracer units and many more! So get your tracer unit today and light up the opponent.

  • ACETECH Blaster Modular
    ACETECH Blaster Modular
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    SKU: PAT0600-M-542

    ACETECH makes some of the best tracer units for both rifles and pistols. The ACETECH Blaster Modular Tracer Unit is a compact unit that ideally...

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