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Airsoft Chronograph

Check out our selection of Chronographs! Keep things fair.

Airsoft Chronographs are essential tools for measuring the velocity of Airsoft guns. They provide accurate readings by detecting the speed of the BBs as they pass through a designated area. These devices are user-friendly and come in various sizes and power sources. Chronographs are crucial for maintaining safety and fairness in Airsoft events. Investing in a reliable chronograph enhances the Airsoft experience for players of all levels by keeping things fair and fun. Here at eHobbyAsia, we have a few quality selections like the ACETECH AC6000 MKIII BT Chronograph (MK3 APP Bluetooth Version) and the Madbull Airsoft USB Rechargable Chronograph (Handheld Version) to name a few. Get your chronograph from eHobbyAsia today!

  • ACETECH AC5000 Chronograph
    ACETECH AC5000 Chronograph
    Original Price $59.98
    Current Price $56.98

    SKU: PAC5000-B-001

    ACETECH AC5000 ChronographAC5000 is an airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracyUser-friendly interface with 128*64 LCD.Support Micro-USB(...

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  • ACETECH AC6000 MKIII Chronograph
    ACETECH AC6000 MKIII Chronograph
    Original Price $83.95
    Current Price $79.75

    SKU: PAC6300-B-001

    ACETECH AC6000 MKIII ChronographThe ACETECH AC6000 MKIII Chronograph is a powerful and user-friendly device specifically designed for measuring...

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