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Tactical Backpacks

Check Out Our Collection of Tactical Backpacks! Gear Up & Pack Up!

When it comes to dependable and versatile outdoor gear, nothing quite matches the reliability and functionality of a tactical backpack. Our range of tactical backpacks is designed to meet the needs of every adventurer, from the seasoned military or law enforcement operator to the everyday commuter. With a focus on quality, durability, and tactical versatility, our catalog of tactical backpacks have earned their reputation as the best tactical backpack for your needs. You may be asking what makes a backpack tactical? The backpacks we offer are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, with pockets, compartments, and MOLLE webbing strategically placed throughout for exceptional organization and customization options. Whether you need to carry gear, supplies, or electronics, these backpacks have got you covered!


  • WoSport Tactical Expandable Pack
    WoSport Tactical Expandable Pack
    Sold out
    Original Price $30.00
    Current Price $28.50

    SKU: WST-BP01-BK

    WoSport Tactical Expandable PackNylon Fabric Construction Tactical GearZipper Closure BackpackWith Molle Webbing on BackHook & Loop Panel on Front

  • TMC ARMS Training Backpack
    TMC ARMS Training Backpack
    Sold out
    Original Price $70.00
    Current Price $66.50

    SKU: TMC3015-BK

    TMC ARMS Training Backpack500D Nylon Fabric Construction (lightweight and durable)Velcro areas for patchesZipper Closure

  • Haley Strategic FLATPACK PLUS
    Haley Strategic FLATPACK PLUS
    Sold out
    Original Price $220.00
    Current Price $213.40


    Haley Strategic FLATPACK PLUSThe D3 Flat Pack PLUS is a Hybrid Bag that bridges the gap between a small assaulter pack and a full sized day pack. I...

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  • SOG TOC 20 Backpacks (Grey)
    SOG TOC 20 Backpacks (Grey)
    Sold out
    Original Price $159.35
    Current Price $143.42

    SKU: CP1003G

    The SOG TOC is the ultimate 20L daypack for an urban warrior or forest adventurer. Its light overall weight makes it easy to tote around. The quick...

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  • SOG Scout 24 Backpacks (Grey)
    SOG Scout 24 Backpacks (Grey)
    Sold out
    Original Price $189.23
    Current Price $170.31

    SKU: CP1004G

    The SOG Scout does more than what you?d expect from a 24L pack. The panel loading main compartment utilizes every cubic inch with multiple interior...

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