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Airsoft Pistol Magazines

Airsoft pistol magazines are essential components for any airsoft player using a gas or CO2 pistol. These magazines are specifically designed to hold and feed BBs into the pistol's chamber. They come in various capacities, ranging from standard capacity to high-capacity magazines. The 3 most common types of airsoft magazines are Glock Magazines like the Tokyo Marui 25 Rds Green Gas Magazine, Hi Capa magazines like the Guarder Aluminum 30 Rds Gas Airsoft Magazine, and P320 magazines like the SIG AIR (VFC) 25rds Gas Magazine. Reloading during gameplay is a crucial aspect, and having spare magazines readily available ensures uninterrupted action on the field.



  • Umarex (VFC) 24rds HK45T Gas Magazine
    Umarex (VFC) 24rds HK45T Gas Magazine
    Original Price $31.98
    Current Price $29.45

    SKU: UM9-MAG-HK45-BK01

    Umarex (VFC) 24rds HK45T Gas MagazineMetal Construction24 Rounds Loading CapacityTake Green/ Top Gas out of the boxSuitable For Umarex HK45T Gas B...

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How To Load an Airsoft Pistol Magazine?

Loading an airsoft pistol magazine is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. First, ensure you have the appropriate BBs for your pistol. Locate the loading port on the magazine, which is typically found on the top or bottom. Hold the magazine securely and open the loading port by pushing down or sliding a follower or tab. Slowly pour the BBs into the loading port, being careful not to overfill. Tap or shake the magazine gently to settle the BBs and align them properly. Close the loading port by sliding the follower or tab back into place. Insert the magazine into your airsoft pistol and test the feeding by cycling the slide or trigger.

How To Put A C02 Cartridge In An Airsoft Pistol Magazine?

To put a CO2 cartridge in an airsoft pistol magazine, follow these steps carefully. First, ensure the airsoft pistol is unloaded and the magazine is removed. Locate the CO2 compartment on the magazine, usually found at the bottom or rear. Prepare a compatible, undamaged CO2 cartridge. Open the CO2 compartment using the designated screw or lever mechanism. Insert the CO2 cartridge into the slot, ensuring the puncture seal faces the right direction. Securely tighten the compartment without excessive force. Confirm a tight seal to prevent gas leaks. some gas should leak as you tighten it, this is okay. Reinsert the magazine into the pistol and test its functionality by cycling the slide or trigger.

Do All Airsoft Pistol Magazines Fit Any Pistol?

Airsoft pistol magazines are not universally interchangeable, and their compatibility relies on the specific pistol model or series. It is vital to ensure that the magazine you select is designed to fit your airsoft pistol accurately. For instance, Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa pistols require magazines specifically made for the Hi-Capa series, while Glock airsoft pistols have their own line of compatible magazines from brands like WE-Tech or Tokyo Marui. Similarly, the 1911 series relies on magazines designed explicitly for 1911 models, such as Tokyo Marui or KJ Works options. SIG Sauer P226 airsoft pistols have compatible magazines available from manufacturers like Tokyo Marui or KJ Works. To ensure flawless performance, always refer to the manufacturer's recommendations or consult your pistol's manual to identify the compatible magazine options for your particular airsoft pistol model.