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Airsoft Suppressors

"Silencers are Golden"

Airsoft Suppressors, also known as mock suppressors or silencers, are accessories used in Airsoft gameplay to enhance realism and aesthetics. They come in different types, including pistol suppressors and foam-filled suppressors. Airsoft suppressors are typically compatible with 14mm Airsoft guns and provide cosmetic customization options for players. They add to the immersive experience of Airsoft gameplay but do not provide actual sound suppression like real suppressors. Here at eHobbyAsia, we carry a plethora of mock suppressors like the Laylax MODE-2 Carbon Fiber Slim SilencerGK Tactical Dummy Training Tube, and GK Tactical SOCOM556 RC Suppressor. Check our collection out for all your suppressor needs.

  • RGW OPS MK12 Dummy Silencer
    RGW OPS MK12 Dummy Silencer
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    SKU: RGW-SI-11

    RGW OPS MK12 Dummy SilencerAluminum Construction Airsoft SilencerIncludes a 14mm CCW threaded steel muzzle brakeDesigned for MK12-style airsoft rif...

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