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HPA Airsoft Rifles

High-pressure air or HPA airsoft guns are powered by an externally supplied high-pressure air supply in the form of a tank and hose instead of gas magazines or a battery like gas airsoft rifles or electric airsoft rifles. Whilst the external air tank and hose can be bulky and unrealistic, HPA guns can have greater power and consistency than AEGs while also matching the realistic trigger response of GBBs.


How does an HPA airsoft rifle work?

HPA rifles work by using a separate high-pressure air tank connected to the airsoft gun with a hose that links directly to a pneumatic motor inside the gun, also known as an ‘engine’. The engine is controlled by a fire control unit that can adjust the gun to any desired rate of fire as well as how much power each individual shot should have.

How does an HPA airsoft rifle compare with a gas airsoft rifle?

HPA and gas airsoft rifles occupy two different niche preferences, whilst HPA rifles tend to have superior shooting performance in terms of range, consistency as well as adjustable power and fire rates, their method of operation in no way resembles that of real firearms. GBBs on the other hand offer a far more realistic method of operation with reciprocating bolts, recoil and realistic magazine capacities but do not have the consistency of HPA rifles.