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Airsoft Batteries

Power your Airsoft AEGs with premium power sources!

An AEG battery is a crucial component for powering electric Airsoft guns, particularly Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs). These batteries come in different types, such as nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) and lithium polymer (LiPo), and are designed to fit into the Airsoft gun's battery compartment. A compatible AEG battery is necessary for safe and efficient recharging and usage. LiPo batteries, in particular, are known for their high power output but require careful handling and specialized chargers. Choosing the right battery involves considering compatibility, voltage, capacity, and size. Proper maintenance and charging methods are essential for the battery's longevity and safe use in Airsoft gameplay. 


  • Laylax TACTICAL iQOS CASE - Black
    Laylax TACTICAL iQOS CASE - Black
    Original Price $26.98
    Current Price $6.98

    SKU: LL-4571443146700

    Laylax Tactical iQOS CASE (Black)Polymer ConstructionThe waffle pattern allows increased grip in your handThe flexible nature of the shell means th...

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