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Airsoft BBs, batteries and gas are essential components in Airsoft gameplay. BBs are plastic projectiles used as ammunition, available in various weights and colors. Batteries power electric Airsoft guns and comes in different options like NiMH and LiPo, each battery type offering different performance characteristics. Airsoft gas is used in gas-powered Airsoft guns and come in various power, most common of which is green gas & propane gas. Here at eHobbyAsia, we carry a sizable selection of essential Airsoft equipments. Choosing the right BBs, battery source, or gas is crucial for optimal performance during an Airsoft skirmish or training session. Make sure you gear up with the best of equipments!

  • RWA Green Gas
    RWA Green Gas
    Sold out
    Original Price $8.99
    Current Price $8.54

    SKU: RWAGAO-0001

    RWA Green Gas You've invested a lot in your Airsoft gun. So why not unleash its maximum performance with the best gas available? Designed by profes...

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  • 4UANTUM Performance Lubricant Pen
    4UANTUM Performance Lubricant Pen
    Original Price $8.98
    Current Price $7.64

    SKU: LUB-001

    4UANTUM Performance Lubricant PenJointly developed by 4UAD and J-Smooth, this high-performance lubricant is specifically formulated for Airsoft gun...

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  • Puff Dino CO2 Cartridge 12g (6pcs)
    Puff Dino CO2 Cartridge 12g (6pcs)
    Sold out

    SKU: PDCC12-288

    Puff Dino CO2 Cartridge 12g (6pcs)Steel ConstructionHigh Quality 12 Gram CO2Design For Use on The CO2 Airsoft GunsInclude 6 Piece

  • GHK Loader Adapter V1 for GHK M4/ AK Magazine
    GHK Loader Adapter V1 for GHK M4/ AK Magazine
    Original Price $2.98
    Current Price $2.53

    SKU: GHKORI-0118

    GHK Loader Adapter V1 for GHK M4/ AK MagazineDesign for Work with Speed LoaderSuitable For M4/ AK series Magazines

  • GHK Silicone Oil (30ml)
    GHK Silicone Oil (30ml)
    Original Price $5.98
    Current Price $5.26


    GHK Silicone Oil (30ml)Silicone oils are Silicon based analogues of of carbon based alternatives.Silicone oil does not react or cause issues with p...

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  • Madbull XG02 Propane Adapter
    Madbull XG02 Propane Adapter
    Sold out
    Original Price $24.98
    Current Price $23.73

    SKU: MB-XG02

    Madbull XG02 Propane AdapterXG02, The Ultimate Propane Adapter Special Features: (1) Silicon oil container: Store silicon oil and lube your GBB wit...

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  • Excel 0.23g 6mm BBs 2500 rounds
    Excel 0.23g 6mm BBs 2500 rounds
    Original Price $13.98
    Current Price $6.99

    SKU: A-BBSX011

    Excel 0.23g 6mm BBs 2500 roundsManufactured under high standard of quality check Design for competition gaming usage Suitable for all Airsoft Gun -...

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  • Tokyo Marui XL 470rds BB Loader
    Tokyo Marui XL 470rds BB Loader
    Original Price $19.37
    Current Price $13.80

    SKU: TM-4952839178275

    Tokyo Marui XL 470rds BB LoaderPolymer Construction470 Rds Capacity LoaderTired of carrying BB during game, this BB Loading Tool would make your da...

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What type of Airsoft gases are used in Airsoft?

Various types of gases are used in airsoft guns, depending on the specific requirements and preferences of the user. The most commonly used airsoft gases include:

  1. Green Gas: Green gas is a popular choice for gas-powered airsoft guns. It is a mixture of propane gas and silicone oil. The silicone oil helps lubricate the gun's internal components, ensuring smooth operation and increased longevity. Green gas offers consistent performance and is widely available.

  2. Propane: Propane is a commonly used alternative to green gas. It is a more affordable option and can be easily obtained from camping or hardware stores. Propane requires an adapter to fit into airsoft gas magazines, as they are typically designed for green gas. Many airsoft enthusiasts choose propane as a cost-effective solution for powering their gas guns.

  3. CO2: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is another popular gas used in airsoft guns, particularly in pistols and some rifles. CO2 cartridges are readily available and offer high-pressure gas for increased power and recoil. CO2-powered guns are often preferred for their reliability and consistent performance, especially in colder temperatures.

  4. HPA (High-Pressure Air): HPA is a compressed air system used in airsoft guns. It involves using a refillable air tank connected to the gun through a hose or remote line. HPA systems provide consistent power and are known for their superior performance and accuracy. They are commonly used in airsoft rifles and are popular among competitive players.

While green gas, propane, CO2, and HPA are the most commonly used airsoft gases, it's important to note that the specific type of gas required depends on the type of airsoft gun being used. It's essential to consult the manufacturer's guidelines or product specifications to ensure the proper gas is used for optimal performance and safety.

What are the different types of Airsoft BBs?

Airsoft BBs come in various types, including standard plastic BBs, biodegradable BBs, tracer BBs, precision BBs, and biodegradable tracer BBs. Standard plastic BBs are the most common and available in different weights. Biodegradable BBs are eco-friendly and break down naturally over time. Tracer BBs glow in the dark when used with a compatible tracer unit. Precision BBs are manufactured to higher quality standards for improved accuracy. When choosing BBs, consider factors like gun specifications and personal preferences. Opt for high-quality BBs to ensure optimal performance and gun longevity.