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Airsoft FAQ

Do Airsoft Guns have to have Orange Tips?

If you are located in US, the US Federal Law dictates that airsoft guns are required to have orange tips installed before they can be legally imported into the United States.  Airsoft guns shipped to California will also have additional colored tape attached to different parts of the gun.  Orange tips are also required for airsoft guns being shipped to Italy and Korea.

No orange tips are attached for guns shipped to all other countries.

Are Airsoft Guns Legal?

Airsoft guns and playing airsoft is legal in most parts of the world.  Some countries have specific restrictions such as maximum muzzle velocity, aka fps (feet per second) rules against using the trademarks of real firearms, and 'unrealistic' coloring as to distinguish them from actual firearms.

Australian law classifies Air and BB guns as "Category A" weapons, placing then in the same class as break-action shotguns and rimfire rifles, and acquiring a license to possess (e.g.) a pistol requires a rigorous and laborious process of police background checks. You must also have a legitimate reason and be able to prove that reason before you are allowed possession of a firearm.

For New Zealand and Germany, you are required to have a firearms license in order to import airsoft guns. And you may only import semi-auto airsoft guns to New Zealand and Germany.

For China, Singapore, Malaysia, the import of airsoft guns are prohibited.

Please contact your local customs office for more information on importing airsoft products.

What's the Difference Between Joules and FPS?

The unit of Joule is used to measure the energy of a BB impacted with a target. For one joule, or energy expended, by a force of one Newton moving one meter along the direction of the force.

FPS is short for feet per second, and it measures the speed of the BB.  Typically when someone quotes FPS of an airsoft gun, that FPS is determined by using a 0.2g BB.

Can I reuse Airsoft BBs?

We do not recommend you to reuse the BBs, since the used BBs may be bent and deformed which will damage your gun's hop-up bucking or inner barrel.  They may also jam inside the inner barrel, and if you are shooting in full auto mode, subsequent BBs will jam behind the first jammed BB and then cause a domino effect that could damage your gearbox and other components.

Do Airsoft Accessories Fit Real Guns?

Airsoft accessories could fit, but it has not been designed for real weapon recoil and can easily fail when you need it most. The life expectancy of some scopes, lasers, and red dot sights will be greatly reduced due to recoil from real weapons and there is no return or refund on these items if the fail on real weapons.
All airsoft guns, gas blowback guns and spring guns are NOT real firearms.
Also note Airsoft Vest and helmets won't stop real bullets, since they are only made to look the part!

Can you ship Airsoft Guns to my country?

We ship airsoft guns all over the world, but different countries have different regulations.  Please see our Purchase & Ordering details about regulations of different countries.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Airsoft?

Most airsoft fields require players to be 12 years old or more before they are allowed to play.  However, younger players can experiment and shoot at home under adult supervision.  Some countries require airsoft players to be at least 16 or 18 years old to purchase Airsoft guns.  Other countries like UK and Netherlands further require players to be registered with an official airsoft organization.