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Get Your Target In Sight!

Weapon optics are advanced aiming systems for firearms, available in various types like red dot sights, holographic sights, magnified scopes, and iron sights. They enhance accuracy and target acquisition. These optics offer clear, often magnified views of targets, aiding in precise shooting. Illuminated reticles make them effective in low-light conditions and reduce eye strain during extended use. Optics come with different reticle designs, such as crosshairs, red dots, bullet drop compensators, and mil-dot reticles. They are mounted securely on firearms to ensure stability. Here at eHobbyAsia, we offer an extensive collection of optics for all your Airsoft firearm uses! With popular models like the HOLOSUN AEMS or Vector Optics Nautilus, you can be sure that we got you covered! Check out our catalog!

  • SOTAC CD LCS MK1 M-LOK Switch Mount
    SOTAC CD LCS MK1 M-LOK Switch Mount
    Original Price $10.95
    Current Price $10.09

    SKU: SOT-JQ-096-BK

    SOTAC CD LCS MK1 M-LOK Switch MountCNC Aluminum Construction (black anodized finish)Designed to mount Surefire ST07 tape switches onto M-LOK rail s...

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  • Novritsch Rifle Scope Premium
    Novritsch Rifle Scope Premium
    Original Price $209.97
    Current Price $184.60


    The front glass element of this scope is thick enough to withstand regular BB impacts. We tested it with 1.5J point blank. BB marks on the glass ca...

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