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Acetech Airsoft Tracer Collection

Kill Confirm with Every Shot on Target.

Founded in 2014, Acetech has quickly become a trusted airsoft accessories brand making high quality tracer units, BBs, flash hiders, chronos and interactive targets. Acetech tracer units in particular are notable in both their quality and product range with a huge variety of different models to choose from ranging from the original Acetech AT2000 to the Acetech Blaster M series, the colourful Acetech Bifrost series and Acetech Predator MkII. Acetech also make a variety of advanced chronographs such as the Acetech AC5000 and Acetech AC6000 BT.


  • ACETECH AC5000 Chronograph
    ACETECH AC5000 Chronograph
    Original Price $59.98
    Current Price $56.98

    SKU: PAC5000-B-001

    ACETECH AC5000 ChronographAC5000 is an airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracyUser-friendly interface with 128*64 LCD.Support Micro-USB(...

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  • ACETECH Blaster Modular
    ACETECH Blaster Modular
    Original Price $60.00
    Current Price $57.00

    SKU: PAT0600-M-542

    ACETECH makes some of the best tracer units for both rifles and pistols. The ACETECH Blaster Modular Tracer Unit is a compact unit that ideally...

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  • ACETECH AC6000 MKIII Chronograph
    ACETECH AC6000 MKIII Chronograph
    Original Price $83.95
    Current Price $79.75

    SKU: PAC6300-B-001

    ACETECH AC6000 MKIII ChronographThe ACETECH AC6000 MKIII Chronograph is a powerful and user-friendly device specifically designed for measuring...

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