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Z Tactical ZcomTAC IV Head Set

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Z Tactical ZcomTAC IV Head Set
The ZConTAC IV headset is a double-earpiece communications interface with output sound in both ear and a microphone on an adjustable boom.
The headset itself sits around the ear preventing sweat from forming and is very comfortable.
This may prevent you from being hit by a frontward assault, but it doesn't protect the sides. It also has additional booster microphones on the outside to pipe in sound through the headset digitally. As such, both the radio communication sound and the environmental sound is coming through the earpiece.
By adjusting the volume of your radio and the volume control on the headset booster you can balance the two sound levels so that you can hear both the comms traffic and your surroundings without obstruction. You can even crank up the volume to actually enhance the surrounding sounds to increase your auditory perception or turn it down if your surroundings are drowning out your comms or your concentration.
Although the Airsoft versions booster mics are not as good as the real thing they are still not bad.The ZConTAC IV headset run on a pair of AA batteries (not included). With no batteries, the booster mics will not be turned on but the headset will still function with your radio.
The ZConTAC IV has a flip-up panel to reveal the batteries on the left side where as the ZConTAC IV has an individual compartment for each battery on each side.
Please do make note that these are just headsets and need to be combined with Z Tactical PTT units and radios to form a complete set.
This headset will fit any Z Tactical PTT unit but the PTT unit has a plug type for each specific kind of radio so be sure to pick up the correct one if you do not have one already