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Umarex (VFC) HK416 A5 GBBR Rifle (Tan, Asia Edition)

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Product Description:

History of HK416 A5
The HK416 A5 is a further development of the HK416 assault rifle in 5.56 x 45 mm NATO caliber. The most striking changes compared to its previous versions as well as to market available AR platforms include an improved and tool-less gas regulator for suppressor use, a redesigned, user-friendly lower receiver, which allows complete ambidextrous operation of the weapon and ensures optimized magazine compatibility, as well as numerous technical improvements to maximize the operator safety, reliability, ammunition compatibility and durability under real operating conditions.

The Next Evolution In Assault Rifle Technology
An advanced, product improved variant of the acclaimed HK416 weapon system, the “A5” has several critical advantages over competing 5.56 mm M4/M16/AR systems as well as more basic versions of the HK416.
Modest design changes in the A5 lower receiver increase overall reliability and ambidextrous handling. Dual safety/selectors, magazine releases, and bolt catch release controls are found on both sides of the HK416A5’s lower receiver.

The Next Evolution In Assault Rifle Technology
On the 14.5, 16.5, and 20 inch barrel models, a front sight adaptor allows a flip-up front sight to be attached directly to the barrel for greater accuracy. To accommodate the new, adjustable gas system, the short length A5 carbine model is equipped with an 11 inch barrel.All of the A5 variants still have the highly regarded, existing features of found on earlier, combat-proven models of the HK416.
As the leading AR-based weapon system, the HK416 is unsurpassed in durability, safety, and accuracy. It is also the most cost-effective AR type weapon when viewed through total life cycle analysis.

Completely HK RAL8000 Coated
The HK416 A5 adds a green-brown RAL8000 color scheme to the traditional black finish. Similar to the American “flat dark earth” color, RAL8000 has special low IR observable properties, UV resistant, blister resistant, weather able and is camouflaged for many environments. For different Material and Process of whole gun, the coated surface shows different color tone, become an unique characteristics.

Realistic HK416 A5 11" Set
Now HK416 A5 is one of the pronoun of special force, and the 11" A5 is the shortest one of entire series and is the only one which equipped with the Integrated Foldable Front Sight on the handguard, VFC present you all the A5 appearance detail, from coating, HK markings and SN prefix, and all appearance realistic structure.

Excellent functional design
The HK416 A5 GBBR incorporates all the possibilities of the VFC technology, in addition to the basic requirements of materials and measurement, and incorporates improved bolt, fire control and all adjustment systems, as well as full guns for advanced human ergonomic and Completely ambidextrous operating controls Design, the user can easily experience this new generation of rifles excellent shooting performance and sense of operation.

Quick HOP-UP Adjusting
In order to be able to cope with the need to use a silencer, HK416 A5 has a cylindrical knob is designed in the gas block seat to allow the user to quickly adjust the gas quantity, while VFC restores the entire mechanism and converts it to HOP-UP adjust knob, the brand new design allows user don't need to dismantle the gun or use any tools, and operate the HOP-UP adjustment directly!

VFC 416 Gen2 GBB System
The VFC HK416A5 edition of the GBB rifle incorporates the VFC's optimization of the 416 / AR-like system of GBB in the last 10 years. with new internal components and adjustments operation, While maintaining accurate structure inches, and the appearance of handling and detail, whether you are shooting on the field, or an attention to detail taste collection, VFC HK416A5 can be meet!

Umarex (VFC) HK416 A5 GBBR Rifle (Tan, Asia Edition)


Steel Made Fore Barrel and Flash Hider
Realistic fore-part barrel and flash hider both are made with steel!

CNC Mechanic Aluminum Barrel Lock
Increase barrel lock to really locate the barrel, and as an HK patent handguard stove base.

HK Patented Handguard Fitting Notch
The positioning notch at the top of the upper receiver can be quickly fitted into the groove of the handguard, and only one screws are required to replace the entire handguard group.

Continuous NATO-STANAG 4694 Rail
Non-stop NATO-STANAG 4694 top rail is backwards-compatible with the MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail, for use of various mechanical and optical sights include night vision and thermal.

Integrated Foldable Front Sight
Handguard with integrated flip up sight only available with 11" Variant.

Quick HOP-UP Adjusting System
Modified and tool-less adjustable gas system knob regulator for quick HOP-UP adjusting use.

Collection Grade Reproduction of Gas Block
HK416A5 act with a short-stroke piston gas-operated design, and VFC rebuild full gas tube at the top of barrel with steel.

Grenade Launcher Module Adapt
Reserve the adapt and handguard hole position for compatible with HK 40 mm low velocity GLM/M320

New Standard Type "SW11" Handguard Screw
New SW11 is a slotted screw, can be turned with a screwdriver or the back of a knife and are constructed in a loss-proof way.


Optimized Receiver Geometry
Receiver modeling with CNC process, Modified assembly interfaces, and improved receiver connections, receiver extension to stabilize under real conditions.

Remodel Magazine Well
New 416A5 magazine well is become oblique-cut, and profile compatible with 5.56 AR type magazine

Protective shoulder for left side bolt release
Enlarged Bolt catch lever and protective barrier on the right side Upper receiver, against accidental discharge.

Whole Ambidextrous Controls
Completely ambidextrous operating controls include bolt catch, Magazine release, safety-/fire selector lever and charging handle, except the realistic polymer safety-/fire selector lever, all other parts are made of steel.

Bow-shaped Winter Trigger Guard
"Winter" trigger guard with the bow-shaped appearance, for use with gloves and cold weather clothing.

V7 Grip With Storage Compartment
Redesigned ergonomic V7 Palm Guarded Pistol Grip with storage compartment for back-up battery or field stripping tools (Battery and Tools NOT included).

Optional Quick Release Rear Sight
HK QD Flip Up Rear Sight with 3 mm bore, in RAL8000 or black coated depending on the gun color.

Coated charging handle
HK RAL8000 or black coated charging handle with steel latch and covered with rubber.

Coated Ejection Port Cover
Using the standard plastic port cover of 416 series and with the color using HK RAL8000 or black coating.


Improved Bolt Carrier
The bolt assembly of VFC HK416A5 used long frame steel bolt cam pin design and with the reinforced polymer material bolt head, all have been modified to improve durability and stable.

New Chamber Combination
Re-designed chamber and reload plate and made of reinforced polymer material, made the stable function and durable.

Reinforce valve plunger
Original steel valve plunger with steel frame protection to reduce abrasion.

Realistic Steel Firing Group
All firing control group, Disconnected Set use the steel as material with realistic operating and field striping.

Steel Hammer With Safety Action Position
For the realistic handling and more durable, fire control hammer made by steel and with reserve action gap

High-speed buffer unit & recoil spring
Build-in Forging Series class weight Increase high-speed buffer unit & recoil spring for VFC HK416 Gen2, try the power of strong recoil!


A5 Type "Slim-Line" Telescopic Buttstock
New Slim-line, Light-Weight, and 6-position retractable buttstock, all Appearance Details base on real.

Overall Receiver Extension
Reinforce extension tube reduce the buffer system abrasion and fault, more durable.

Extended Castle Nut and Steel Sling Ring
New design steel machining receiver extension tube Nut for enhanced install stable. with a Steel made 416C type both-side rear sling ring, additional QPQ Surface Hardening Anti-rust Treatment.


HK416 Type Standard Magazine
Attached 416 standard configuration gas magazine, proven gasification efficiency and fine tuning for gas output and installation and loading, is an indispensable part of the 416 series, VFC HK416A5 also can directly use the new V-MAG Gas magazine, with high-speed buffer set, bring you more stronger recoil power.