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Umarex (VFC) GRS Custom HK417 Limited Benghazi Edition AEG (Asia Edition)

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Product Description:

HK417 assault rifle was recently developed by famous German arms-making company Heckler und Koch, as a "big brother" to the 5.56mm HK416 assault rifle. Information on this weapon first surfaced in 2005, on the wave of new interest for the 7.62mm NATO caliber military rifles. This interest came in from experience of international forces gained in Afghanistan and Iraq, where increased range and penetration of the 7.62mm NATO bullets was (and still is) quite useful. Several companies developed new or updated versions of 7.62mm weapons, with intent to sell to military, law enforcement and in certain cases - to civilian shooters as well. The HK417 is one of such weapons. It is primarily oriented toward US market, as it mimics the popular 5.56mm AR-15 / M16 rifles in external appearance, controls, and many design features.However, there are more than few new and original features in HK417,including Heckler-Koch's patented piston-operated gas system,user-changeable barrels etc. Like most other competitors, HK417 rifles are available in several barrel lengths, suitable for full scale of military operations, from close combat in urban or forest areas and upto long-range accurate shooting.

Umarex (VFC) GRS Custom HK417 Limited Benghazi Edition AEG (Asia Edition)

1/1 Scale High Power Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG Airsoft Guns
Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body

Full Metal Free Float Rail System
Functional charging handle and bolt release
Outer Barrel With Flashider
Nylon Fiber 6 position adjustable stock (Authentic H&K marking) and Pistol Grip
Flip-up Front Sight & Removeable Flip-up Rear Sight
Steel Barrel Magazine Release, Bolt Release, Forward assist, Hammer
500rds Loading Capacity polymer (7.62 Type) Magazine (Dummy Bullet Inside the Magazine)

Opening the bolt cover to adjust HOP UP
Crane Stock able to store 11.1V Lipo battery (Not include)
Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling
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