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Tokyo Marui Muzzle FPS Velocity Reduction Adaptor

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Product Description:

A great little device that will reduce the FPS (velocity) of your airsoft gun. Now, you're thinking, why on Earth would I do something like that? Well, if your gun shoots over a field FPS limit, this is an inexpensive alternative to getting your mechbox spring reduced. The muzzle is also great for use in indoor CQB environments where you don't need a high FPS gun. Some fields require either this or a reduction in your gun to be 'field legal'. A very popular little device. Will fit on any Tokyo Marui or clone style AEG on the market.

Tokyo Marui Muzzle FPS Velocity Reduction Adaptor
Will work on virtually any AEG made (fits right over the muzzle area)
Reduces the FPS of your gun with different colored rings
Easy to install and take off as well
Makes your AEG 'field legal' for use in CQB indoor environments
Suitable M4A1 / M4RIS / M16A2 / SR16 / M16VN / CAR15 / PDW / MP5A4 / MP5A5 / MP5AS / G36C / P90 Series / AUG Series / AK47 Series /

Maximum Reduction to 40-50 % .
Testing with G36C
Original - 82.1m/s - reduce 0%
Yellow - 67.1m/s - reduce 20%
Red - 52.5m/s - reduce 37%
Blue - 48.4m/s - reduce 42%
White - 44.2m/s - reduce 47%

Made in Japan by Tokyo Marui