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Tokyo Marui Model 17 Gen 5 MOS Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

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SKU TM-4952839144089
Ammo Size
Capacity (rds)
25 + 1
Hop up
Inner Barrel Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Magazine Type
Gas Pistols
Net Weight (g)
Power (fps)
Power Source
Green Gas / HFC134A
Replica Type
Shooting Mode
Semi Auto

Product Description:

The Tokyo Marui Model 17 Gen 5 Green Gas Airsoft Pistol has arrived, much to the anticipation of fans. This latest version builds upon the success of the Gen 3 and Gen 4 models, incorporating both external and internal updates. Tokyo Marui has combined the best features from previous generations while introducing notable enhancements.
The Gen 5 maintains the ergonomic design of its predecessors, drawing from the Gen 3 and Gen 4. However, the grip no longer includes finger grooves, which some may find beneficial as it accommodates a wider range of hand sizes. To ensure a better fit for different hands, it comes with four different-sized backstraps. The slide of the Gen 5 features front and back serrations, facilitating easier manipulation. A significant improvement is the ambidextrous slide release, allowing left-handed users to operate the airsoft pistol without any inconvenience or awkwardness. It's a welcomed change that adds versatility to its handling.
This model marks Tokyo Marui's first G series optics-ready gas airsoft pistol. It comes with a plate that enables the attachment of a red dot optic to the GBB pistol. Tokyo Marui recommends using the Tokyo Marui Micro Pro Sight due to the plastic nature of the slide. The faux optics plate on the slide can be easily removed by pushing the tap located on the end plate and pulling it off. This exposes the screw holes for the optics plate and the optic itself. The hop-up adjustment is accessible by locking the slide back and locating the Hop-up adjuster next to the chamber, similar to the Model 19 series or the Model 17 Gen 4 series.
The gas magazine accompanying the Tokyo Marui Model 17 Gen 5 GBB pistol exhibits a more realistic design with an orange follower. Its main upgrade is a 20% increase in air value compared to older magazines of the same size. This modification is due to the pistol's optics-ready nature, with Tokyo Marui enlarging both the nozzle and gas volume to enhance felt recoil and ensure proper slide cycling even with an attached optic. While the magazine has undergone slight redesigning, it remains compatible with older generations, and older magazines can also be used with this pistol when an optic is not attached. Umarex Glock gas airsoft magazines also function well with this model.
Lastly, the lanyard attached to the frame is removable, and the pistol is compatible with accessories attachments and holsters designed for the G17 series or Glock 17.

Tokyo Marui Model 17 Gen 5 MOS Green Gas Airsoft Pistol
Extreme well-built gas blow back pistol
Very loud & crispy Blow Back sound with Hi-Kick Recoil

Polymer Construction
Recommend to take HFC134a gas for better durability.
Magazine accommodate 25+1 Rounds 6mm plastic BBs
Textured grip and authentic engraving on grip & slide
Rail Framed Design is well known for Tactical Flashlight & Laser Sight Attachment
Ambidextrous Slide Release
Disassemble procedure is as the same as the real steel
Included x4 Back Straps

Innovative Hop-Up Thumb Dial located inside the gun (can see after dissemble the slide)