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TMC CAPS Tactical Shirt & Pants (CB / Large)

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TMC CAPS Tactical Shirt & Pants (CB / Large)
This set is just the look you are seeking to flesh out your PMC (private military contractor) loadout options or other miscellaneous auxiliary, logistics, and non-front line combat personnel and professionals. The design features copious use of cargo-style pouch-pockets and integrated reinforcement material around high wear areas like the elbows and knees dense enough to resist wear better but still thin enough not to compromise full agility and still sit under full proper padding without causing any additional bulking issues.

The material is double-stitched strong, durable and relatively dense; certainly more so then normal civilian clothing that this set takes the appearance of. Indeed, this will confidently resist damage from BB strikes and environmental damage from bumps and scrapes, at least a lot better then your normal cargo pants anyway.

Getting a set like this for Airsoft is like getting a uniform to play sports or running shorts to go jogging; sometimes its about looking the part but its also just about having a separate, dedicated set of apparel for your gaming which you do not have to worry about getting scuffed up. As it happens, you could use this easily for non Airsoft use as well; in any situation where you prefer to dress fairly casually but still need the reassurance of a hardier set of clothes.

For more fugable uses, this all set has a distinct pre-1980s strait all-khaki (albeit dark khaki of the coyote brown type) utility wear look that would not look entirely out of place as a proxy desert uniform, particularly the British army desert loadout of the 19th and early 20th centuries if combined with the right pouches, helmet and weapon. The design is so blank that it carries no distinctive design or insignia so you can easily adopt and adapt it in any way you see fit.