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Tienly Infinity GT-45000 Airsoft AEG Motor (45000RPM, Long)

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The Tienly GT-45000 Motor is a great upgrade for any airsoft tech enthusiast. Each motor is handmade to ensure the absolute highest construction quality, and boasts multiple features that make them stand out from other motors. Most specifically, each motor features special air ports on the sides that are designed to draw in and expel air while the motor is spinning to help keep it cool.
Being that it is such a high torque motor, the GT45000 is also sure to noticeably increase your airsoft gun's trigger response and rate of fire, even with up to an m150 spring, giving you an extreme tactical advantage during combat.

Tienly Infinity GT-45000 Airsoft AEG Motor (45000RPM, Long)

Anti oil-absorbing function - Design assures that no oil or grease from the gearbox is drawn into the motor, which in turn prevents carbon dust released from the motor itself to stick to the internal parts – thus minimizing the risk of short circuit created by the carbon dust.
Motor stabilizer - All motors come with motor shaft stabilizers using ball bearings. The stabilizers are designed to support the motor shaft so it can absorb the high twisting forces coming from the motor gear interaction with the bevel gear.
Heat emission - Generates air circulation around the motor through an inlet hole for lowers the motor temperature
Pinion gear included
Suitable for battery packs up to 12V
Spring rating at 12V: M80 to M150 m/s
Fire with M120 spring : 35+/-2 rounds

-Infinity GT-45000 motors are High speed/high torque motors.
-Oversize carbon brushes for long life performance.
-Super magnets for repeated and perfect performance.
-Internal ball bearing suppor

Long Axle Version

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