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Tanaka S&W M28 The Highway Patrolman 4inch HW Model Gun

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Product Description:

About S&W M28
The S&W M28 revolver, known as the "Highway Patrolman", is a classic American firearm developed by Smith & Wesson in 1954 as a law enforcement and military sidearm. Chambered for the .357 Magnum, the M28 gained a reputation for durability, firepower, and precision, seeing extensive use by police and military. Key features include its solid steel frame, 6-shot cylinder, and full-size barrel for accuracy. The M28 has become an iconic symbol of American law enforcement, with its timeless design and enduring legacy making it a sought-after collectors' item among enthusiasts.

About Airsoft Revolver

Tanaka has crafted multiple versions of their faithful replica of the classic Highway Patrolman revolver. While the core design remains consistent across the lineup, Tanaka has introduced some thoughtful variations to meet the preferences of different collectors and users.
Some models sport a more metallic, realistic finish that does an exceptional job of mimicking the look and feel of an actual metal firearm. Other versions utilize a different type of high-quality ABS plastic coating, providing a slightly different aesthetic. The internal components, such as the trigger, cylinder, and spring guide, may also see minor design tweaks between variants to optimize performance and operating characteristics.
To further cater to individual tastes, Tanaka offers a selection of optional accessories that can be purchased separately. This includes grip panels in alternative colors or textures, specialized holsters, and speed loaders - allowing owners to customize the look and functionality of their Highway Patrolman replica.
Naturally, these nuanced differences in construction and available accessories translate to some variance in the manufacturer's suggested retail price across the Tanaka Highway Patrolman model lineup. However, no matter which version one selects, the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship remains a consistent hallmark of this impressive airsoft revolver replica.

Tanaka S&W M28 The Highway Patrolman 4inch HW Model Gun

Heavyweight M28 Revolver Model Gun
Highly detailed with a classic charm
Smooth and direct double-action trigger

Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber (6 Rds Dummy Bullet Included)
Wood Texture Polymer Grip
Metal components include the hammer, trigger, and cylinder
Excellent Craftsmanship with Textured grip and Solid Pistol Frame

Realistic appearance suitable for collectors, film, or cosplay prop
Authentic look & finishing by Tanaka Works, Japan