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Tanaka Airsoft Colt SAA 2nd 5-1/2 inch Pegasas 2 Gas Revolver

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Product Description:
About Real Gun

The Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolver, also known as the Colt Peacemaker, is a legendary revolver that was first introduced by Colt's Manufacturing Company in 1873. It was designed by William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards and was widely used in the American West during the late 19th century. The SAA revolver quickly gained a reputation for reliability and accuracy, making it a favorite among cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws alike.The SAA revolver is a single-action revolver, which means that the hammer must be manually cocked before each shot. It features a six-round cylinder that is loaded through a loading gate on the right side of the frame. The SAA revolver was originally chambered in .45 Colt, but it was later produced in other calibers, including .38-40 and .44-40. The revolver has a distinctive profile, with a long barrel, a curved grip, and a spur trigger.Today, the Colt SAA revolver remains one of the most iconic handguns in American history and is highly sought after by collectors and shooters alike. It is frequently used in cowboy action shooting competitions and has been featured in countless Western films and television shows.

About Airsoft
For the airsoft world, Tanaka Works has given us the opportunity to experience the legendary gun in its absolute peak physical form. Tanaka Works' rendition of the 2nd generation Airsoft Colt Single Action Army is jaw-dropping as they are well-known for their exquisite model cap guns and extremely realistic airsoft revolvers. The "PEGASAS II" 2nd Generation Colt SAA gas airsoft revolver by Tanaka Works is their latest offering of realistic airsoft revolvers, especially ones that are steeped in history.
The Pegasas II system is a direct upgrade from their previous Pegasus I (do note that the "a"  and the "u" are not a typo), featuring an adjustable hop-up and a full-length cylinder base pin that adds more realism and a stronger structure to the replica. The Pegasus system itself is unique because it does not use shells like traditional airsoft revolvers do but instead holds the BBs in the cylinder like a magazine and the gas is charged in the back of the cylinder, meaning that apart from the barrel, the cylinder and the frame being designed for airsoft, internally, some parts are compatible with its real steel counterparts such as the hammer assembly, the trigger assembly, the cylinder stop, and the grips. Now before you start thinking about converting their toy guns into something that is NOT a toy, Tanaka Works has implemented various safety precautions to prevent such conversions like the dimensions being vastly different for the cylinder, barrel, and frame.
The Pegasas II Airsoft Colt Single Action Army itself feels incredible to hold in your hand and is surprisingly hefty, featuring metal internal parts, a metal cylinder shell, and a zinc powder-reinforced ABS plastic body. The action is butter smooth and also has the signature "C.O.L.T." 4 clicks when cocking the hammer and just like the real steel Single Action Army, the trigger is very light and crisp. To load the gun, the user must half-cock the hammer to allow the cylinder to rotate, load the BBs in the front of the cylinder or put the BBs in the ejector tube and simply rotate the cylinder and pull the ejector rod to load the Single Action Army. The loading gate is where you charge gas, using a specific gas-charging nozzle attachment that is included in the box. Simply rotate the cylinder until you find the appropriate charging port. Once the airsoft revolver has been loaded, the user must decock the hammer to its neutral position before fully cocking it back to shoot, otherwise, wear and tear will occur and can potentially damage and ruin the timing of the cylinder.
Shooting the gun is a blast, to say the least with all the clicks and clacks expected when cocking an Airsoft Single Action Army revolver. Though the gun does not have any blowback, the weight of the hammer slamming forward does give the gun a unique feel when pulling the trigger as the hammer spring is incredibly strong. I would say that the feeling is akin to shooting an open bolt gun but in purely semi-auto. The resulting bang is louder than expected and is quite satisfying. The gun is fully skirmishable and is perfect for any wild-west loadout whether it be lawman or outlaw.
Overall the Tanaka Works "Pegasas II" 2nd Generation Airsoft Colt Single Action Army gas airsoft revolver is a welcome addition to the pew pew world.

Tanaka Airsoft Colt SAA 2nd 5-1/2 inch Pegasas 2 Gas Revolver

Powder Reinforced ABS Construction
Matte black finish
Gas Injected Revolver

This Revolver can hold up to 25 rounds 6mm BB
Polymer Texture Grip
Smooth cylinder cycling
Excellent Craftsmanship with Textured grip and Solid Pistol Frame

Authentic look & finishing by Tanaka Works, Japan

Length: 330mm
Ammo Size
Capacity (rds)
Hop up
Length (mm)
Net Weight (g)
Power (fps)
Power Source
Replica Type
Shooting Mode
Semi Auto