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Systema PTW M4 CQB Value Kit 1 Upgrade Kit (Regular Gear Box, M130 Cylinder)

Sold out
Original Price $1,120.56
Current Price $1,030.92
Capacity (rds)
30 Rounds
Hop up
Length (mm)
Systema PTW
Net Weight (g)
Power (fps)
Shooting Mode
Semi Auto / Full Auto

Product Description:

Systema PTW M4 CQB Value Kit 1 Upgrade Kit (Regular Gear Box, M130 Cylinder)

This value kit includes a metal receiver, gearbox (Regular), inner barrel, CQB outer barrel and hop-up set and M130 Cylinder.

Package Include:
Steel Flash Hider, Flash Hider Ring, Flash Hider Hollow Set Screw Front Sight Post, Front Sight, Front Sight Stopper Pin, Front Sight Stopper Pin Spring, Front Sight Post Knock Pin, Front Sight Swivel Ring, Front Sight Swivel Ring Pin Gas Pipe, Gas Pipe Retaining Pin Hand Guard Cap Barrel Nut Assembly Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver Small Parts that accompany the Receiver Charging Handle Assembly Dust Cover, Dust Cover Shaft, Dust Cover Shaft E Ring, Dust Cover Spring Forward Assist Knob, Forward Assist Knob Dummy Pin, Forward Assist Knob Spring, Forward Assist Knob Set Pin Take Down Pin, Take Down Stopper Pin, Take Down Stopper Pin Spring Pivot Pin, Pivot Pin Stopper Pin, Pivot Pin Stopper Pin Spring Grip, Grip End, Grip End Screw (4 pieces) Magazine Catch, Magazine Catch Button, Magazine Catch Spring Bolt Stop, Bolt Stop Set Pin, Bolt Stop Spring Trigger Hammer Dummy Pin (4 pieces) Full Auto Shear Dummy Pin (2 pieces) Selector Cap