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Systema CMB & A to Z Motor Set Gearbox (G3A3 / SG1 - M170)

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Product Description:

As if Systema had not already done enough for pushing the envelope on Airsoft AEG technology, they have shaken things up yet again.

Previously they had released their ?Turbo? and ?Magnum? motors, each respectively being the very best high speed and high torque motors had to offer. The new A to Z motor combines the best of both worlds by incorporating the technologies of both motors to create the very peak of high speed and high torque motor technology available now (late 2010).

This means it spins faster then anything out there whilst pulling harder then anything else can. As a result, this motor can pull the hardest springs at speeds otherwise unimaginable within the confines of commercially available Airsoft AEG motors.

If you are looking for the absolute no-comprise very best motor technology for your AEG then the System A to Z is the path you take to leave everyone else eating the dust in the debris of devastation you leave behind as you streak ahead of the pack.

This motor set combines the monstrous A to Z motor with a complete gearbox with premium Systema parts and an M170 motor which translates to a weapon clocking over 400 fps at a rate of fire few can truly comprehend.

Systema CMB & A to Z Motor Set Gearbox (G3A3 / SG1 - M170)
M170 Spring
Systema A to Z Motor Long Type
Reinforced Gearbox with 7mm Bearing
Teflon Cylinder Set
Super Torque Up Spur Gear Set
Low Resistance Switch Assembly
FET / Fuse Unit
Selector Plate / Tappet Plate / etc.