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Silverback TAC 41 L Airsoft Bolt Action Rifle (OD)

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Product Description:

Building upon the success of the TAC 41 series, Silverback has introduced a new and even more compact version ? the TAC 41 L. This latest offering is focused on being lightweight and compact, sporting a shorter 330mm inner barrel and a fiberglass-reinforced nylon stock that utilizes Picatinny attachments.
Internally, the TAC 41 L delivers performance that is nearly on par with its premium counterpart. The adjustable trigger is both tactile and robust, with the trigger group constructed from stainless steel. The operation of the bolt is smooth, as one would expect from a Silverback airsoft sniper rifle, thanks to the quality stainless steel with a PVD finish. The cylinder is also easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.
Most notably, the TAC 41 L shares the same air volume as the Silverback SRS A2 series, providing an impressive 41cc of air volume. This translates into more consistent shots, highly stable performance, and less wastage. Paired with the free-float barrel assembly and the highly precise, redesigned hop-up unit, the TAC 41 L is capable of delivering pinpoint accuracy downrange. The 24mm CW barrel threading is compatible with other Silverback suppressors.
The hop-up unit retains the same TDC (Top Dead Center) design with 50 index positions, and the stock hop-up bucking is an AEG-spec 60-degree rubber, allowing for direct compatibility with standard AEG hop-up buckings.
Lastly, the TAC 41 L features an impressive 48-round capacity magazine, with an internal feed ramp that captures all the BBs, preventing them from leaking out (up to 20 rounds in total). This ensures consistent and reliable performance, and the feed ramp can be emptied by pressing the release button located inside the magazine well.

Silverback TAC 41 L Airsoft Bolt Action Rifle (OD)
6000 series CNC Aluminium receiver with unique serial number
POM sliding rings
High Picatinny rail for mask users
Tapered Aluminium outer barrel
Barrel length: 330 mm, 6.05 brass AEG type
Quick change barrel (bayonet lock + clamp into the receiver)
M24x1 threaded outer barrel (compatible with any M24 x1 muzzle device)
3 barrels spacers
48 Rounds Loading Capacity Magazine
Feeding ramp buffer capacity: 20 bbs
Quick release button inside the magwell to empty the feeding tube.
Steel magcatch, AK style.

Fiberglass reinforced Nylon construction
Picatinny stock attachment
3 MLOK slots on each side
2 MLOK slots under
2 QD points for slings, central position, (optional back QD points, SBA-STK-39)

Bolt usable volume: 41 cc
Stainless steel cylinder with PVD coating (Aluminium Titanium Nitride Physical Vapor Deposition)
Stainless steel cylinder head (removable with the tool integrated in cheek pad adjustment knob)
SRS piston with specific 90? piston end (steel)
Stainless steel spring guide with thrust bearing
APS 13 mm spring compatible, 90 Newton stock spring (may vary depending on countries regulations, please check your retailer website).
Quick change bolt

Trigger group:
Stainless steel piston sear
Stainless steel spring guide stopper
Stainless steel trigger box
Steel safety
90? piston sear sliding on 2 ball bearings
Preload adjustment
Dual stage adjustment

CNC Aluminium body
TDC design, can be used no matter the scope used.
50 indexed positions (by 15 ?m increment)
AEG hop-up rubber compatible
60? hopup rubber AEG
anti double-feed system