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PTS Fortis Shift (TM) Vertical Grip (M LOK)

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Product Description:

The PTS Fortis Shift™ Vertical Grip is aone piece billet design made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The skeletonized designmakes this grip one of the lightest grips on the market. Even with its uniqueangled skeletonized design, the PTS Fortis Vertical Grip still maintains thesame length as any traditional vertical grip and its angled design as well asthe finger notch allows for ergonomic flexibility.
Thevertical grip can be simply installed using a clamp that is adjusted by onlytwo bolts. This means the user doesn’t need to remove other accessories inorder to install the grip, allowing you to save time.

PTS Fortis Shift (TM) Vertical Grip (M LOK)
- One piece billet design
- Slotted screws attachment
- Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum
- Hard Coat Anodized
- Lightweight
- Compatibility M LOK

Dimension – 137 x 77 x 47mm approx. (w/ packaging)