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PTS EPF2-S Vertical Foregrip (Dark Earth)

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Dark Earth
Hong Kong
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Product Description:

The PTSEnhanced Polymer Foregrip 2 - Short, or EPF2-S, has a carefully conceived, streamlined,ergonomic design with slightly revised texturing for superior grip andcontrol.  Dupont™ Zytel®polymer construction and hardened steel hardware ensures its survivabilityunder adverse use conditions.  The EPF2-Shas also been revised with lower profile on top to be able to mount on to awider variety of railed handguards. Like its predecessor, the EPF2-S has astorage compartment with a sliding access plate at the base to be able to storemiscellaneous items and tools.

PTS EPF2-S Vertical Foregrip (Dark Earth)
Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer Construction
Light weight.
Low-drag snag free design prevents interference with other gear.
Clean lines and elegant design provides improved aesthetics and ergonomics.
Flat sides give the shooter more torsion for improved yaw control when manipulating the rifle.
Aggressive enhanced texturing to increase surface traction but strategically paneled with comfort in mind.
Storage compartment for storage of small miscellaneous tools and items.
Easy and simple installation.
Compatible with any picatinny railed surface.