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PTS Enhanced Sling Plate - Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2/ GBB)

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Current Price $22.50
SKU PT156490300
Product Description:

The PTS Enhanced Sling Plate – Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2) comes with a robust sling plate and an entirely newly designed detachable QD sling mount.
This modularity allows you to use slings with either their own QD sling mounts or with a hook type attachment.  
Both the sling plate and the QD sling mount are made of a robust steel alloy and will with stand strong pulling forces in all directions.
The detachable QD sling swivel itself features a recessed activationbutton that prevents accidental activation and its slim profile allows for thestock to fully retract.
The ESP-M2 is also slimmer than the Gen 1 and lighter.

PTS Enhanced Sling Plate - Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2/ GBB)
- Steel Alloy Construction
- Includes PTS Enhanced QD Sling Swivel
- Low profile button to prevent accidentalactivation
- Sling plate can fit standard QD Sling swivels(sold separately)
- Quick and easy attach/detach

Dimensions – 70x36x18mm
Compatibility Most GBB AR-15 Airsoft

Hong Kong
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