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PDI Hop Up Chamber Ver.2 for Marui VSR-10

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PDI Hop Up Chamber Ver.2 for Marui VSR-10

The PDI Hop-up Chamber Version 1 was a good one, but it's not compatible with Tokyo Marui's original chamber. A PDI cylinder set needs to be purchased separately before you can use it. While you can achieve more accuracy in shooting, some players are even more concerned with the easiness of use rather than focusing on accuracy, so PDI released this Version 2 hop-up chamber. It does not require a PDI taper cylinder head, because TM's original cylinder head is already compatible.

This curious little module vexes even the most technically proficient minds amongst Airsofters it seems. But as it is a PDI solution, it is bound to do good things, and given time and testing we shall see what the Airsoft community makes of it.

This is a hop-up chamber modification for the venerable Tokyo Marui VSR-10. Although a very understated weapon out of the box, the TM VSR-10 can be upgraded to epic proportions giving it the reputation as one of the most effective platforms for Airsoft sniper rifles.

This hop-up unit is adjustable with not one but two adjustment bars allowing the user to fine tune the setting with far more sensitive, smaller increments then on normal hop-ups. The improved bucking also has holding ledges which claims to ensure a much better seal against the inner barrel for yet further improved performance.