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Home Tactical Gear NPOAEG Vant-LM shield Replica

NPOAEG Vant-LM shield Replica

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Product Description:

NPOAEG Vant-LM shield Replica
NPOAEG VANT-LM Shield replica is a 1:1 replica of the real Russian FORT VANT-LM Ballistic shield used by Russian Special Forces such as Spetznaz, MVD VV, Vityaz, Granite, FSB, FSKN, FSIN. The shield has a flap over the orange distraction circle which will attract all the fire into where the shield is most protective, instead of your head or limbs. The lower flap is foam filled and is designated to protect your groin and thigh (lower flap is detachable)

The shield itself is manufactured with plywood fill with rip-stop cover, metal hand grips, nylon hand straps, foam filled removable lower guard. At only 7.6 kilogram, it is definitely still within manageable weight for airsoft CQB matches.

Accompanied with the Rhys-T / Altyn and Redut T5/ Defender 2, it would definitely provide sufficient all round protection while entering hostile buildings.