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Novritsch SSR9 DSG AEG Airsoft Rifle

Original Price $309.95
Current Price $272.71
Ammo Size
Barrel Thread Size (mm)
Barrel Thread Type
Battery Position
Battery Type
Capacity (rds)
Gear Box Type
Version 2
Hop up
Inner Barrel Length (mm)
Length (mm)
Magazine Type
AEG Low / Mid Cap
Long Type High Torque Motor
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Shooting Mode
Burst / Semi Auto / Full Auto

Product Description:

The SSR9 DSG is a unique AEG that comes preinstalled with a Dual Sector Gear (DSG). This upgrade significantly increases the rate of fire (RPS) and is typically reserved for experienced technicians due to the intricate fine-tuning required. With the DSG version, the SSR9 stands out as one of the top choices for CQB (Close Quarters Battle) airsoft gameplay. It combines well-proven quality components with excellent ergonomics, all while being more compact than the standard AR platform. The DSG configuration allows for an impressive rate of fire, reaching up to 36 rounds per second. This is made possible by the tappet plate, a critical component that controls the timing of the gearbox cycle, resulting in an exceptionally high rate of fire.
Included in the package is a CNC amplifier that can be easily screwed onto the 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel of the Novritsch SSR9. With the CNC Amplifier, the AEG is capable of producing a sound level of 105 dB. Being on the receiving end of this AEG is not something one would desire. It's essential to remember that battles are won through strategy and tactics. Regarding the external features, the receiver of this AEG is made of polymer, while the M-Lok handguard is constructed from CNC aluminum. This combination ensures the gun remains lightweight and maneuverable during gameplay.

This particular gun, like every Novritsch gun, places a strong emphasis on accuracy. The key factor behind this prioritization lies in its utilization of a rotary-type Hop-Up chamber, which is widely regarded as one of the best designs available. This chamber allows for incredibly precise adjustments, maintaining consistency even when the gun is subjected to vigorous shaking. Additionally, the chamber is equipped with markings that enable users to easily determine the amount of Hop-Up applied.

To further enhance its performance, the gun incorporates the Maple Leaf Macaron hop-up bucking and a 6.03 precision barrel, both of which have undergone extensive testing and consistently deliver excellent results. Novritsch recommends the use of 0.28g BBs or lighter due to the airsoft gun's higher rate of fire.

The gearbox utilized in this gun is a standard version 2 gearbox. Notably, it features a quick change spring mechanism that serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it enhances durability by radiusing corners. Secondly, the gearbox includes an SSR9 DSG (Dual Sector Gear), a high-performance configuration capable of achieving an astonishing rate of fire of up to 36 rounds per second. The tappet plate plays a crucial role in regulating the timing of the gearbox cycle, thereby contributing to the DSG's remarkable firing speed. Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with magnets to ensure smooth and rapid action throughout its operation.

Novritsch SSR9 DSG AEG Airsoft Rifle

1/1 Scale High Power Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG Airsoft Guns
SEMI/ Burst/ FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode

Polymer Receiver (Lightweight)
Metal M LOK Handguard With Picatinny Rail on Top
Metal Outer Barrel With Flash Hider
Polymer Pistol Grip
Retractable Polymer Buttstock
Polymer 120 rounds magazine

There is an ETU preinstalled:
Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit. (includes burst, binary)
Full Cycle Control
Operating voltage: 7.4V-14.8V
25ms Response Time
1200A Pulsed drain current
300A Continuous drain current
100A max Active Brake current
Low Battery Warning
Shot Fault Warning
Overheat Protection

Polymer body with top Picatinny rail for accessories and CNC aluminium slotted Handguard.
Great accuracy due to a 6.03 precision barrel with improved rotary Hop-Up unit & Maple Leaf bucking.
Modern Flat Trigger.
V2 Gearbox with a Quick Spring Exchange System.
14mm CCW Thread for suppressors or accessories.
CNC Custom Amplifier, over 105 dB on Full Auto.
LiPo battery ready, Rigid T-Dean battery connectors.