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Madbull US A.P.S.A. (IPSC) Timer w/ stop plate

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Product Description:

How to play with it?
(1) Create your own targets.
(2) Set up "Stop Plate" as the last target.
(3) Turn on your timer and start to counting time and shooting.
(4) When you shoot your last target, it will stop the timer and show your record.

How to setup timer?
(1) Open the battery cover
(2) Connect 9V battery
(3) Insert battery into the case
(4) Put the battery cover back

How to setup "Stop Plate"?
(1) Insert the stop plate popper
(2) Lock 2 screws
(3) Put the spring onto the popper
(4) Correct position
(5) Now there is tension on the popper
(6) Connect the stop plate onto timer
(7) Ready to go! (Everyone in the field should wear goggle at all times!!)

How to compete with other shooters?
Go to / Airsoft / for details.