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Madbull Precision 0.2g Bio-Degradable BB 4000 rds (Bag)

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Product Description:

" What is a MADBULL Bio-Degradable BB?"

MADBULL BBs are using P-Life bio-degradable materials which are UV and temperature degradable materials. Unlike PLA and starch-derivative BBs, our P-Life BBs will be degraded in natural environments.

Planet Friendly Airsoft BB
These BIO BBs are water-soluble after being soaked in rain & heated by sun
Will turn into food grade Powder & absorbed by soil
Madbull Precision BB series, all have a standard size of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm with precision lapping and polishing processes
Suitable for all Airsoft Gun - AEG, Pistol, Rifle....etc that use 6mm BB
Perfect sphere shape & smooth surface
Made of high strength/tough materials
Good BB means less drift by wind & shoot straighter
Quality of BB is important for prolonging the life of your Airsoft Gun

*NEVER RE-USE BB as High Quality BB is very sensitive to dirty & mud