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Madbull Gemtech Blackside Silencer (14mm CCW) (TN)

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Story about the real BLACKSIDE:
New for 2006, the Blackside replaces the SOS-45 suppressor in a shorter, lighter weight, more efficient package. Extensive testing has demonstrated that a recoil booster is not necessary for most weapons, including the difficult to cycle HK USP Tactical. Highest performance is achieved with only a minimal amount of artificial environment (such as light oil). Although not as efficient dry, it is acceptable when artificial environment media is unavailable. The mount features positive stop threading to reduce thread wear and provide proper alignment on 1911 and other pistols.
Constructed of high tensile strength aluminum alloys heat treated to Gemtech specifications, this unit does not utilize any bore obstructing "wipes" or mesh. The advanced frequency shifting baffle design creates outstanding performance. With complete suppression of the muzzle flash signature, this device is an exceptionally effective tool for tactical users.
The Blackside is currently available threaded either M16x1-LH for the HK USP Tactical and 0.578-28 for the Glock-21, 1911, and other barrels. Mounts for the HK MK23 (M16x1-RH) will be available late in the second quarter of 2006.

Madbull Gemtech Blackside Silencer (14mm CCW) (TN)
High Tensile Strength Aluminum Construction
14mm Counter Clockwise Thread
Engraved Realistic Marking (Officially Licensed Gemtech Trademarks)

Size: 155 x 35 mm