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Krytac KRISS Vector Airsoft GBB SMG (Dark Earth)

Original Price $399.95
Current Price $379.61
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Product Description:

Probably the most iconic and significant weapon of the Krytac brand, the KRISS Vector is highly sought after and pursued by gamers and collectors alike. The KRISS Vector features futuristic designs that are designed to minimize recoil by allowing a downward motion when loading the weapon. This fully licensed airsoft GBB KRISS Vector has been in high demand since its release, while the real KRISS Vector has also found use outside of airsoft in various forms of entertainment such as video games (notably Tom Clancy's: The Division), movies and cartoons/animes. Its unusual shape still makes the weapon feel very good in the hand and its compact size makes it an excellent CQB weapon system.
The Krytac KRISS Vector GBB is the first GBB Vector to hit the market in recent years, as the last version manufactured by KWA in 2012 became an extremely rare collector's item after its discontinuation. This state-of-the-art airsoft GBB rifle features an all-new GBB system that sets new standards in performance and realism. Fully licensed and faithfully modeled on its real-world counterpart, this project was developed in collaboration with KRISS USA, leveraging the combined manufacturing expertise of KRISS USA and KRYTAC. The Krytac KRISS Vector GBB features a folding stock made from the same fiber-reinforced polymer as the receivers. With the simple push of a button, the stock folds to the side, reducing the overall length of the platform by 9 inches for easy portability and storage. Additionally, the butt plate can be adjusted to the operator's preferred cheek rest, and the metal sling holder provides a stable base for a sling, allowing for quick maneuverability in tight spaces. Equipped with a 60-round magazine that is a faithful replica of the real KRISS MagEx2 magazine, this high-performance weapon is ready to deliver sustained firepower. Engineered with a focus on realism, the bolt is designed to function quickly as the bolt carrier of the KRISS Vector GBB is lightweight, resulting in a higher rate of fire and improved gas efficiency that allows for more shots per charge.
With a Picatinny rail on the top and bottom, this airsoft gun offers ample space to attach your favorite accessories, allowing you to customize your loadout perfectly. The low-profile flip-up sights allow for precise aiming without compromising the Vector's sleek aesthetic. The Vector SMG also features Picatinny rail segment attachment points on the left and right sides, providing convenient ways to attach lights and lasers. At the 6 o'clock position is a fixed 7-slot Picatinny rail, suitable for integrating stabilization accessories such as a vertical grip or handstop. With versatility in mind, the Krytac KRISS Vector GBB features an ambidextrous fire selector lever and safety that can be operated by both right- and left-handed users. The fiber-reinforced polymer receivers are constructed with an aluminum frame. These receivers strike the perfect balance between rugged durability and effortless ease of use.
The KRYTAC Top-Down Hop-Up (TDC) system with adjustment allows for easy and quick access and gives users increased control over the hop-up settings. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, players can seamlessly access 23 different click positions. The intuitive design of the concave hop-up lever ensures consistency and optimal performance on the field. Players can also easily swap out the barrel for a different one to cover different scenarios or roles on the field. This feature allows for complete customization without the need for extensive disassembly. The outer barrel of this Krytac KRISS Vector Gas Airsoft SMG is threaded at 14mm CCW, allowing users to attach various muzzle devices such as silencers and tracer units to take full advantage of this platform in terms of performance and adaptability.
For submachine gun fans, KRISS enthusiasts and GBB airsofters, this is a gas airsoft SMG that comes in a fantastic package and is priced to keep budgets low. Plus, the last gas airsoft KRISS Vector already has a raving following in the airsoft community, making this airsoft rifle simply too good to miss!

Krytac KRISS Vector Airsoft GBB SMG (Dark Earth)
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Gas Powered Airsoft GBB
Semi, Burst & Fully Automatic Shooting Mode

Licensed KRISS Vector Polymer Body Receiver, Folding Stock, Flip Up Iron Sights
14mm CCW Thread Outer Barrel
Ambidextrous Fire Selector
Lightweight Bolt Assembly
MIL-STD 1913 20mm Picatinny Top Rail & Bottom Rail
60 Rounds Loading Capacity Magazine

Adjustable Hop-Up System
Easy Inner Barrel Access