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Gun Heaven (WinGun) Mosin-Nagant Co2 Bolt Action Rifle

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Product Description:

The Mosin-Nagant rifle, known in the Russia as a "Vintovka Mosina" (Mosin Rifle), was developed under the government commission in the late 1880s and early 1890s, and was officially adopted for service by the Russian Tsar in 1891 as a "Trechlineynaja vintovka obraztsa 1891 goda" (three-line rifle, system 1891; three line means caliber of three lines; one line is an 0.1 inch, so it's an .30 inch, or 7.62mm). Along with the rifle, a new, small-caliber cartridge was adopted. This cartridge had a rimmed, bottlenecked case and a jacketed, blunt nose bullet. The rimmed case design, which at that time already started to became obsolescent, was inspired by the low level of the Russian arms industry, and also as intention to keep the price of the rifle as low as possible, since the rimmed case, which headspaces on rim, allows for much looser chamber dimensions, unlike the rimless ones, which required headspacing on the case shoulders, so chambers must be machined much more precisely (that means – on better machinery and for much money). This decision, while probably worked as a savings measure, caused a major PITA for Russian small arms designer, since for different purposes this obsolete, rimmed cartridge is kept in general service with Russian army for more than 110 years!

Gun Heaven (WinGun) Mosin-Nagant Co2 Bolt Action Rifle
1/1 Scale Gas Powered Mosin-Nagant Rifle
Widely used by Russian Army during World War II
Full Metal Bolt System & Solid cocking motion sound
Featured a quick-release bolt and antiaircraft sights

Rich faux wood Stock
Metal Receiver, Barrel & Sight
Antiaircraft Sight with Range adjustment
Full metal magazine accommodate 12 Rounds of 6mm Plastic BB (CO2 Magazine)
Sling mount can be installed with any sniper rifle sling