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GHK Silicone Oil (30ml)

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GHK Silicone Oil (30ml)
Silicone oils are Silicon based analogues of of carbon based alternatives.Silicone oil does not react or cause issues with plastics like hydrocarbons can.
They are excellent electrical insulators and are non-flammable.
Their temperature-stability (maintaining viscosity well over a range of temperatures) and inert nature make them an ideal choice for lubricating the metal and plastic parts of Airsoft Guns.

From GHK, this Silicone Oil is purposed as a basic component of long term maintenance for their gas blowback rifles although of course it can be used as a general purpose lubricant for any Airsoft weapon or tools.
A highly effective lubricant for the seals and cylinder internals of airsoft guns and AEG; rubber part; precise components and model module lubrication.
Effective for all AEG's GBB PIstol's, GHK GBB's, WE GBB's and all other GBB Series Weapons Airsoft Guns
This bottle contains 30ml of Silicone Oil and also has a narrow tip applicator for precision dripping into tight spaces.