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GHK AKM Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

Original Price $520.00
Current Price $483.50
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Green Gas / Top Gas
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Product Description:

About Real Gun
The AKM, short for "Avtomat Kalashnikova modernizirovanny," is an assault rifle designed by Soviet small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1959. It was developed as an upgraded version of the AK-47, which had been adopted a decade earlier.
The AKM was introduced into service with the Soviet Army in 1959 and quickly became the most prevalent variant within the AK series of firearms. It saw extensive use among member states of the former Warsaw Pact, as well as their allies in Africa and Asia. The AKM was also widely exported and produced in numerous other countries. Production of the rifle took place at both the Tula Arms Plant and Izhmash.
Although officially replaced by the AK-74 in Soviet frontline service during the late 1970s, the AKM continues to be utilized worldwide. It retains the wooden stock of the AK-47 but features simpler individual parts that are more conducive to mass production. Numerous variants of the AKM exist, including the AKMS, AKML, and AKMP, each serving specific purposes or incorporating certain modifications.

About GHK AKM Airsoft

The GHK AKM V3 GBB Airsoft rifle is a highly recommended replica of the iconic AKM rifle, offering significant upgrades over the previous GHK AK system. It is an ideal choice for Airsoft enthusiasts seeking a realistic and high-quality AKM experience.
One of the standout features of the GHK AKM Airsoft rifle is its full-metal, stamped steel construction, combined with real wood furniture such as the handguard and buttstock. These high-quality materials not only contribute to the rifle's durability but also provide an authentic look and feel that closely resembles its real steel counterpart. The weight and handling of the rifle are remarkably similar to the original AKM.
The GHK AKM Airsoft rifle operates using green gas, although it also has Co2 magazine options available for those who prefer a more hardcore AK experience. When fired, the rifle delivers a realistic kick and sound, thanks to its gas blowback system. The system is designed to replicate the recoil of a real rifle, featuring a realistic 2-stage spring guide. This makes the GHK AKM a top choice for those seeking an authentic Airsoft AK.
Another notable feature of the GHK AKM GBB rifle is its realistic steel-constructed bolt carrier group. The bolt carrier group functions just like its real counterpart, adding an unmatched level of realism to the rifle. Additionally, this version 3 AK comes with two different buffers, allowing users to choose between a realistic rate of fire with full travel or a shorter travel for better rate of fire, providing versatility for different scenarios such as filming or airsoft skirmishes.
The GHK AKM Airsoft rifle also features an easily accessible and adjustable hop-up system. By pulling back the bolt and adjusting the dial located at the chamber region, users can fine-tune the accuracy of their shots. Furthermore, the hop-up system has been redesigned to facilitate easy takedown for maintenance purposes, enhancing overall usability.

GHK AKM V3 Gas Blowback GBB Airsoft Rifle (GHK AK V3 GBB System)
1/1 Scale Gas Powered Airsoft GBB Rifle
Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting mode
Reinforced Gas Blow Back System

Steel Receiver & Top Cover
Realistic black-anodize steel magazine shell
40 rounds 6mm BB loading capacity
Functional Bolt Safety System
Bolt hold & trigger turn to safety when magazine is empty
Real Laminated Wood made Handguard & Stock just like a real steel
Aluminum Barrel With Slant Type AKM Flash Hider

Steel Realistic Two-Stage Recoil Spring Set
Quick Release Hop-up Unit for Ease of Maintenance
2 Buffers Included to Control Rate of Fire & Bolt Travel Distance
21mm Oversize Nozzle Cylinder for Better Recoil Feedback
Optimized Guide Rail to Reduce the Risk of Breakage of the Nozzle Group