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G&G 0.20g Biodegradeable BB (5000 BBs)

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G&G 0.20g Biodegradeable BB (5000 BBs)

BB pellets manufactured by G&G Armament are high precision products, unlike other
manufacturers in the market accepting tolerance of size and sphere within 0.01mm, G&G Armament control the tolerance within 0.005mm, which is the most precise
BB pellets in the market.
Perfect surface and precise size for incredible air-seal and feeding.Bio BBs from G&G Armament are true bio degradable, well received by world market and environmental friendly sites.G&G Armament's BB pellets are well known for the best choice for high precision barrels and jam free BB pellets.Made in Taiwan and G&G Armament represents high quality BB pellets.

Made of PLA (Polylactic Acid) they will biodegrade at varying rates depending on the conditions. The list below details some rough numbers to show the break down rates:

- 60°C, well composted environment; 47 days.
- 40°C, home style equipment compost; 120 days.
- 40°C, in the ground; 1.3 Years.
- 15°C, trash covering place; 2 years.
- 10°C, in cold ground; 2.6 years.
- 4°C, river, lake or ocean; 4 years.