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Cybergun (VFC) FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol (Tan)

Original Price $160.00
Current Price $135.99
SKU CY-200503
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Green Gas / Top Gas
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Semi Auto

Product Description:

Have you been eagerly anticipating the release of the newest Cybergun GBB? Well, the wait is finally over! Allow us to introduce the all-new FNX-45 Tactical from Cybergun?a truly impressive and visually striking firearm.
Airsoft continually keeps up with the latest design trends, and this model features a Tan and Coyote Brown color scheme, combining a metal slide with a polymer frame. The 16mm CW thread at the end of the barrel allows you to attach a suppressor of your choice, such as the Ace 1 Arms OSP type suppressor. Additionally, the FNX-45 Tactical boasts an accessory rail for mounting flashlights or lasers. The grip panel at the back is removable and comes with different size options included in the package, allowing for customization and optimal comfort.
Despite its size, this pistol is remarkably comfortable to hold, and all the functions are easily accessible, even for those with smaller hands. It operates as a double-action pistol and features a decocker on the left side, releasing the hammer to a half-cock position, similar to the real steel version. The takedown process mirrors that of the real steel variant: simply pull back the slide, pull down the takedown lever, and the slide comes off. The hop-up adjustment can be made on the underside of the slide itself.
Now, let's talk about performance. Prepare to be impressed by the snappiness of this pistol?it delivers a satisfying kick with each trigger pull. The majority of the weight is in the slide, ensuring a powerful and consistent shot, while also providing stability for maintaining accurate sight alignment.
There are a couple of standout features worth mentioning. Firstly, you have the option to remove the white dots in the sights and replace them with fiber optic inserts for enhanced visibility. Additionally, observe the two screws at the back of the slide. By removing these and the panel, you can install a real steel RMR Red Dot sight, provided you have the appropriate adapter.
The Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical is the culmination of your waiting, delivering outstanding performance and striking aesthetics. Don't miss out on this remarkable addition to your airsoft arsenal.

Cybergun (VFC) FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol (Tan)

Pistol With Semi Automatic Shooting Mode

Metal Slide & Polymer Frame
RMR Cut Ready
Metal Outer Barrel (16mm CW Thread) With Protective Cap
20mm Picatinny Under Rail for tactical accessories (e.g. flashlight / laser)
25 round Loading Capacity Gas Power Magazine
Safety System
Double / Single action trigger

Adjustable Hop-Up System