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Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0 Weapon Light

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Product Description:

The Cloud Defensive REIN represents a significant advancement in weapon light technology, pushing the boundaries of performance. It delivers an impressive maximum output of 1,250 lumens and an exceptional 100,000 candela. This powerful combination allows for clear identification of targets not only at close range but also extends its effective reach beyond 300 yards. In practical terms, the REIN's enhanced illumination capabilities mean more light is directed onto the target, resulting in improved situational awareness. It enables users to better assess their surroundings and make informed decisions in critical situations. Additionally, the REIN's high output and advanced optics ensure maximum penetration through various photonic barriers such as smoke, fog, tinted surfaces, and other sources of light interference. With its groundbreaking performance, the REIN sets a new standard for weapon lights, representing the next generation in terms of technology and capabilities. It is designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals and enthusiasts who demand superior performance, reliability, and versatility in their lighting solutions.

The REIN by Cloud Defensive is meticulously engineered to withstand the harshest conditions encountered in real-world situations. It is built to be shockproof, dustproof, and highly durable. The modular 3-piece design, constructed from Type III Hard Coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, ensures exceptional robustness, allowing the light to withstand impacts and abuse while remaining completely field serviceable. A standout feature of the REIN is its strongest-in-class lens, made from 3mm thick glass. This lens is designed to withstand multiple shots of 5.56 Simunition rounds at close distances, demonstrating its exceptional durability and protective capabilities. The REIN holds an IPX-8 rating for water resistance, enabling it to be fully submerged up to 100 feet for a duration of 24 hours. This ensures reliable performance even in wet and challenging environments. Furthermore, every REIN light is proudly manufactured in the USA, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. To provide customers with peace of mind, every REIN light includes a lifetime warranty, showcasing the manufacturer's confidence in the product's longevity and performance.

The REIN from Cloud Defensive incorporates several innovative design features that set it apart from the competition. One of these features is the patented Battery Jack system. This system securely holds the battery in place, preventing "battery bounce" that can affect the reliability and lifespan of the system. Additionally, the Battery Jack system eliminates flickering issues often experienced in other lights during recoil. This unique feature also allows for the use of multiple lengths and styles of 18650 and CR123 batteries, providing flexibility to adapt to different situations and power requirements. The REIN also utilizes patented REIN switches that offer distinct advantages. Each switch is designed with integrated cable management, ensuring clean and snag-free cable routing. These switches are stronger in design and electrically isolated from the push-button tailcap. This means that if there is a failure in the remote switch, the tailcap can serve as a backup solution. The tailcap cartridge is easily replaceable and allows for "clocking," which enables users to reduce cable visibility without detaching the light's tail. By utilizing these REIN switches, the light overcomes the power loss limitations often associated with other tape switch designs. These innovative design features make the REIN a reliable and user-friendly lighting solution, providing enhanced durability, flexibility, and performance in real-world scenarios.

The REIN by Cloud Defensive offers dual fuel compatibility, allowing it to be powered by either 18650 batteries or CR123A batteries. This versatility provides users with options depending on battery availability and personal preference. The light is designed to accept all protected and unprotected 18650 batteries, including both button-top and flat-top variations, offering flexibility in battery selection. However, it is important to note that when using CR123A batteries, performance degradation can be expected. CR123A batteries are smaller and have lower capacity compared to 18650 batteries, which may result in reduced runtime and overall performance. To ensure reliability and performance standards, the REIN has undergone comprehensive testing based on ANSI/PLATO-FL1 standards. These standardized tests provide users with valuable information about the light's performance, including output, runtime, beam distance, impact resistance, and water resistance. By adhering to these testing standards, the REIN demonstrates its commitment to delivering a reliable and high-quality lighting solution.

Every REIN light from Cloud Defensive is shipped with a standard inline M-LOK mount, specifically designed to be compatible with a wide range of hosts that feature M-LOK compatible rails. This ensures a secure and reliable attachment to firearms or other equipment that utilize M-LOK mounting systems. However, if a different mounting solution is desired or required, all REIN lights are fully compatible with existing Scout? style mounts. This means that users have the flexibility to utilize Scout? style mounts for alternative mounting configurations or platforms, providing even more versatility in how the REIN light can be mounted and utilized. With the included inline M-LOK mount and compatibility with Scout? style mounts, the REIN offers a wide range of mounting options to suit different firearms, equipment, and user preferences. This ensures that the REIN can be easily and securely attached to various platforms, providing maximum flexibility and adaptability in different scenarios.

Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0 Weapon Light

Output & Specs
100,000 Candela
1,250 Lumens
65 Min Run-time
1.3" Bezel Diameter
6.17" Length
6.91 oz Weight (W/ Battery)
Made In The USA

REIN light
Remote Switch & Tailcap
18650 Rechargeable Battery
Charger & Cable
Inline M-LOK Mount
All Mounting Hardware