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Airtech Studios TDC Bracket Converter Kit For KWA TK45 Series AEG (R-Hop / Flat-Hop / Maple Leaf MR)

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Product Description:

Airtech Studios TDC Bracket Converter Kit For KWA TK45 Series AEG (R-Hop / Flat-Hop / Maple Leaf MR)
The TDC (Top Down Centre) Trolley Converter is designed for the KWA TK45C Hop-up Series to function perfectly for R-Hop and Flat-hop setups using a trolley system that applies hop perfectly downwards for the most consistent pressure distributed onto the BB. As a result, more accuracy over longer distances.
The longer patch would achieve an improvement in accuracy and consistency from shot to shot, typically for sniper DMR builds.
The idea spawned originally from the TDC trolleys found on Maxx Hop-up chambers to give achieve a perfect top-down force against the hop-up nubs. We designed this converter to be fitted onto the current chamber to function in the same way and with minimum difficulty.

There are 4 parts that come with the converter package.
1. The main bracket: This fits inside the chamber and acts as a guide to move the trolley up and down. It is designed to restrict the movement of any other axial directions apart from the apart vertical axis.
2. The trolley is fitted inside of the bracket and can only move up and down the vertical axis controlled by the bracket while using the walls of the original chamber to prevent the trolley from swaying left and right.
3. The M-nub ensures an evenly distributed force is applied onto the bucking down to the RHOP patch. This in turn ensures the patch can maximize its appliance on the BB for the most stable and uniform spin for the much desired R-hop performance. This is stuck onto the trolley via a strong 3M sticker.
4. Lastly the modified arm is used to apply the desired force onto the trolley and then the R-HOP patch.

Once installed you can obtain the fully functional TDC hop alongside the advantages of keeping the original hop-up unit designed for the gun which can prevent situations like misfeeding or double feeding.

This kit does not require any modifications to any part of the hop-up chamber or part of the KWA airsoft replica and an elongated pin is also provided to lock down all of the parts, however, a dab of glue is highly recommended on designed points of the chamber/ TDC kit to ensure there are no unwanted movements later on.

Suitable For KWA TK45 Series AEG SMG Rifle

Recommended Hop-up type
- R-HOP (Elvish, Psionic, Silent Sniper)
- Maple Leaf MR Hop buckings/ Super Macaron/ Super Silicone

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