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A Plus Airsoft hop up rubber for AEG (60 Degree)

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Product Description:

Hop-up, (High Operation Power Up), is basically describes the back spin trajectory of an BB pellets, by adjusting the Hop-Up to increase their range and accuracy.As the pellet shoots through this hop up bucking, the friction creates the spin, it tends to roll and backspin.

It's designed with the concave-Hop concept in the sense of the longer contact patch and more concave. Using heavier rounds and setting the hop up well, it will have remarkable range increases, as well as fps. Reason being that with the long contact patch nub, it can't effectively allow the bucking to deform to fit the bb's profile as it gets squeezed through the bucking, it tends to allows pellets to fly farther and fall less.

A Plus Airsoft hop up rubber for AEG (60 Degree)
Suitable for Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle.
60 degrees rubber Made.
Improve Performance & Trajectory.
Higher Degree for Higher Velocity Gearbox Setting.
Special Design Pressure Point and Material.
Came up with "concave" shape bucking.
The properties of the rubber are highly elastic and anti-wear.
Able to increase the range and FPS for your Airsoft.
Replace the standard Hop Up Rubber Chamber of AEG Rifle.