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WW1 & WW2

On this Page you can find all the Airsoft World War 1 and Airsoft Word War 2 (WWI / WWII) Airsoft replicas of Rifles, pistols, & submachine guns. These Historical Rifle Can fascinate Collectors, Reenactors, and Airsoft Players in General. Airsoft World War 1 Guns/ World War 2 Guns Include Kar98K Sniper RifleLee Enfield Sniper Rifle, L42A1 Sniper RifleSten Submachine Gun, MP18 SMG, M1928 SMG, MP40 SMG, M1 Garand Rifle, M1903 Rifle, vz 26 Light Machine Gun, Webley RevolverNambu pistol, Thompson G2 Contender


  • Cybergun (WE) M1A1 GBB Rifle
    Cybergun (WE) M1A1 GBB Rifle
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    Cybergun (WE) M1A1 GBB Rifle

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    SKU: CG-GBB-0001

    About Real M1A1The M1 carbine is an interesting little weapon. The original request for a compact and lightweight shoulder arm to replace service h...

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