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Kriss Vector Airsoft Collection - eHobbyAsia Airsoft

"Absolute Innovation"

The Airsoft Kriss Vector is a highly sought-after replica of the iconic Kriss Vector SMG. Developed by Krytac, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Airsoft guns, the Krytac Kriss Vector offers enthusiasts and players an authentic shooting experience in the Airsoft arena. The Airsoft Kriss Vector stands out with its distinctive design and futuristic aesthetics. Closely resembling the real Kriss Vector firearm, known for its unique recoil mitigation system and unconventional shape. The Airsoft version faithfully replicates the external appearance, ergonomics, and even the feel of the original firearm, allowing players to immerse themselves in the action. Featuring a durable polymer construction combined with metal components, the Airsoft Kriss Vector offers both reliability and durability. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it highly maneuverable, ideal for close-quarters combat and fast-paced gameplay. The ambidextrous controls, including the fire selector, mag release, and charging handle enhances versatility and ease of use. One of the standout features of the Krytac Kriss Vector is its exceptional performance and is available here at eHobbyAsia in both electric and gas blowback platforms. Available in Black, Dark Earth, 2-Tone, and Alpine White.


Can airsoft Scorpion EVO take airsoft Kriss Vector mags?

No. The airsoft Scorpion Evo cannot take airsoft Kriss Vector magazines. The real steel Kriss Vector is designed to use OEM Glock magazines, both 9mm and 45.ACP. The Scorpion Evo on the other hand uses proprietary PMAGs and therefore are not interchangeable. The same concept would apply for the airsoft variants. The magazines would simply not fit with each others gun.

How much is a Kriss Vector gun airsoft rifle?

The airsoft industry as of now only features Krytac's line of Kriss Vectors. We currently offer these at affordable prices, ranging from $430 USD to $570 USD.